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Dyno Services

We tune bikes on our DynoJet 250IX dyno. This dyno is the industry standard for tuning. It runs DynoWare RT and WinPEP 8 with dual AFR meters and an Eddy Currant Brake. This is the next generation in dyno tuning software. DynoWare RT allows us to tune to a level that other systems can’t. Check out the video below to see some of capabilities of the dyno. We can dyno both motorcycles and trikes.

Just some of the tuners we program are Techno Research, Power Vision, SE Super Tuner, TTS, Power Commander, Fuel Pac, and more. We have taken classes on many of these tuners to become certified in their use.

The dyno can also be used as a diagnostic tool. It is extremely efficient as we can test bikes in real world situations without even leaving the building. This speeds up the diagnostic process, which in the end, saves the customer money.

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