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Recommended services are essential to keep your Harley running at optimal performance.  Services are more than just changing you engine oil.  It also includes:  checking brakes, tires, and suspension, cleaning the air cleaner, adjusting cables, belts and chains, and inspecting many other parts.  We have the Harley service manuals, so you can be reassured your service is being completed as the manufacturer recommends.


* Factory Scheduled Services

* Oil Changes

* Customizing

* Electrical Diagnostics

* Fuel Injection Diagnostics

* Powertrain Diagnostics

* Engine Repair

* Engine Building

* Dyno Tuning

* Machine Shop

* Parts Department

* Harley Extended Warranty

B-Rad's Motorcycle Shop
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We can help you with all your performance needs.  Whether you want to add a little sound, or upgrade to a high performance 143 motor, we can help with it all. 

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