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B-Rad's has the Techno Research Centurion system and become Techno Research certified. The Centurion makes it possible for B-Rad's to offer the same diagnostic capabilites as a dealershipWe can now read and clear both current and historic diagnostic trouble codes thrown by your Harley, Indian, or Victory motorcycle through the current model year.


We can reprogram blank ECM and key FOBs, replace and marry all other systems to the ECM including BCM, TSSM, HFSM, radio, ABS and speedometers. We can adjust radio and speaker configurations.  This tool also allows the adjustment of speedometer calibration on newer model years.  

Radio & Speaker

Radio configuration including BlueTooth, Intercom, CB phone and more. Speaker configurations such as adding amps 1 and 2, speakers without boom amp and enhanced equalizer, speakers with boom amp and standard equalizer and more.


We can test, purge and replace your ABS module.


Replace security modules, program key FOBs, change security code.  Unlike the dealership, we can retrieve lost codes. If you lost your key FOBs and forgot your code, you do not have to buy a new security module.

Tuning/Mobil Dyno

With this tool, we now have Mobil Dyno and numerous tuning options available. Please call or stop in for more information. 

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